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Discovery Park, Seattle, WA

As you can see from the date, it’s been GASP! over 4 months since my last post!!

Where the heck have I been?

Well if you must know :), I’ve been going through some changes in my work and in my home.

Back in May of this year, an opportunity presented itself for me to move from my casual position at work (<20 hrs a week) to a full time position.

I debated this opportunity for a time.

I mean I loved being home, spending time with my husband, who also works casual, being able to work on the garden, and work on Budget Minded Organics, but I was always really just living from paycheck to paycheck.

I have no health insurance, no 401k, no hidden investments, no inheritance, and no life insurance; so a full-time position offered more income and more security.

So I took the job.

In making this decision, I knew that there might be some neglect in my home, my garden and my website.

But I also knew of so many bloggers who were able to juggle jobs, family and a successful site.

I figured if they could do it; so could I.


Well after only three months, I discovered that I was not nearly as good at juggling as I envisioned myself being.

Not only had my home, garden and website suffered neglect, but also my health and my relationship with my patient husband began to show signs of distance.

On top of all that, my attitude at work began to worsen.  I was becoming a major bitch.

This was so not good.  This is not at all how I had hoped this would turn out.  I realized that I had made a mistake.

So around the middle of August, I announced to my manager that I needed to go back to casual status.

She was only too happy to comply.  Apparently it’s been a little difficult for her to find someone interested in my old casual job.  Most people want full-time positions.

Unfortunately, I maintained a full-time schedule for another two months until they could find someone to replace me.

Luckily, a young lady came along, younger than my youngest daughter, who filled the position beautifully.  It was a perfect win-win scenario.

Budget Minded Organics

Discovery Park, Seattle, WA, with my daughter Harmony and good friend Clain

Time for a Holiday

Early October, I left with my husband for a three-week holiday on the mainland to visit family.

During this time and for the past couple of weeks, I have been acclimating to my new free time and adjusting to the drop in my monthly income.

I’ve also been given ample opportunity to rethink the direction I want to go with Budget Minded Organics.

With my new direction in life, it seems pretty clear how BMO will fit in.

I want to maintain a quality diet with lots of organic fruits and vegetables.   This can be very expensive in Maui.  One of the drawbacks of living in paradise.  :)

But one of the major blessings of living in the islands is that I can grow year round.

So, I cleared the garden out before leaving on holiday.  I wanted a clean slate to build on.

My focus will be:

  • To increase the amount of herbs I grow.  That is a major expense that I can help eliminate.  Good herbs at the store can be so cost prohibitive.
  • Use these herbs to create some DIY products like oils and such for the kitchen or beauty products for the bath.
  • Increase produce harvest to the point that I can either sale produce at a farmer’s market or learn good preserving techniques or both!

And how will Budget Minded Organics fit into the picture?

Budget Minded Organics

The Garage, Seattle WA, playing pool with Frank, Harmony and Royce.

A Fresh New Approach

Well to me it seemed obvious.  I will definitely be on a budget and I stand firm with organic growing methods.  I want to share gardening tips and tricks, lessons learned and the small victories I hope to experience.

So the fresh, new approach to BMO will include:

  • Growing experiences in the garden.
  • Do-it-yourself projects with herbs
  • Ideas for preserving a successful harvest, and
  • Garden to table recipes.

This is a very exciting time for me.  I’m really grateful for this opportunity and want to take full advantage of this growing experience.

Another area of my life that I’ve given special attention to is my Take Care of Me time.

Now that I’m home more, I want to give the time and attention to my own personal needs; needs that have been neglected during my years as a mother, homemaker, wife and employee.

This will develop into a special segment of BMO called TCOM.  I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to love and nurture yourself more.

It’s going to be fun.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Budget Minded Organics

One thing I’ve noticed about most successful blogs I follow is the photography on the site.

It’s usually stunning.

I see huge photos of food, family, farms and everyday living and the pictures themselves tell the story.

Hardly any writing is required for articles like these; and yet, I read through the entire post just to see the images.

What I realized is that I begin to connect and become a part of the story.

Well, that told me one thing for sure, I need to dust off my camera, learn how to use the bloody thing and put much bigger pictures on my site.  :)

With all this new enthusiasm about taking pictures,  I needed a subject.

That opportunity came in an invitation we received from our friend Louis Coulombe to visit his farm upcountry.

There’s absolutely nothing better than photography and a day at the farm.

Come join me!

Life on Maui

My husband, Frank, and Louis go way back…..even before me!!

They met on the West Maui Mountains over 15 years ago.

Louis and some friends were hiking up to the “L”, a popular launch site for paragliders, and Frank was dirt bike riding.

Their paths crossed.

Frank offered to take each of their 50 lb. packs up to the launch site for them on his dirt bike.

This gave Louis and his friends a much easier hike.

Frank stayed up at the “L” and watched them all launch, and he was hooked.

Budget Minded Organics

Within a year, he was a certified paragliding pilot and he and Louis became great friends.

But Louis is not just a paragliding pilot.  He is a very successful entrepreneur.

He and his surfing buddy/business partner, Stephan Bel-Robert, own a restaurant, a luau, a gourmet store/coffee shop at one hotel and another café at another resort.  And this is all on Maui! :)

And their farm, O’o Farm, provides all the organic produce and coffee for their businesses.

Upcountry Kula

Kula, Maui, Hawaii has probably the most ideal weather for farming.

Here you will find farms that are almost exclusively organic.  Some are even hydroponic.

For a small island, there is wonderful diversity, especially in the weather.

We have a rainforest on the southeast side of the island, two mountain ranges (West Maui Mountains and Haleakala) where some winters we even get snow.

On the westside where I live, it’s really hot and almost desert-like.

But today, we went to Kula and one of my favorite stops along the way is this lovely produce stand.

Ahh, paradise! :)

Budget Minded Organics

A Day at O’o Farm

With fresh muffins and strawberries from the produce stand for breakfast, Frank and I made our way up to the farm.

It’s a beautiful drive to O’o Farm.  In Hawaii, o’o was a black, honey-eating bird with yellow tufts of feathers under each wing.  These feathers were highly valued and used to decorate royal capes and helmets.

Budget Minded Organics
Once you arrive and park, it’s a short hike to the outdoor gardens, the outdoor kitchen and eating area, coffee bushes and the newest coffee shop!

My Favorite!!

O’o Farm and Coffee

I have had an almost lifetime love affair with coffee.

And O’o Farm satisfies every aspect of my coffee heart.

While there, we were introduced to their newest acquisition, a huge, turn of the century, cast iron coffee roaster.

And what’s even more amazing is that they found it right here on Maui.  No shipping required.

Louis was there working on the new coffee shop he’s building to accommodate the coffee roaster and his new “Seed to Cup” coffee tour he has started to compliment his already existing Forage and Feast Tour.

Budget Minded OrganicsWhat I love best about O’o Farm is the fact that it is:

  • Organically farmed (no nasty pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides)
  • Sustainably maintained (farming to improve the environment), and
  • Biodynamically cultivated (spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture)

Budget Minded Organics

Final Thoughts and an Idea

Taking pictures and experiencing the great outdoors in an environment of such beauty and respect was so renewing for me.

What a great idea to take a friend, your family, the kids, or just yourself to an outdoor environment and just take pictures.

Go to your nearest

  • Arboretum
  • Forest
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Pool

Or wherever your heart desires

Grab the camera and take pictures of just everything that captures your eye.

Don’t forget to follow through.  It was great fun for me to download my pictures and create the above collages.

And the pictures didn’t turn out half bad either.  :)

Oh, and I use PicMonkey as my photo editor.

Have a fun-filled, photo day!  And if you have a moment, connect with me on Facebook and post the pictures you took.

I’d love to see what kind of fun day you had.

Budget Minded Organics

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